Asahi cookin’ cut ” japanese cutting board”

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What is 「Asahi Cookin’ Cut」?

A favorite of professional chefs
This is Parker Asahi’s brand of first cutting boards in Japan developed from synthetic rubber. For almost half a century since the launch of commercialization in 1965, it has been used by many professionals.


Wood-like texture

This cutting board offers both an excellent wood-like texture and hygienic scratch resistance.
It is easy to wash and dries quickly to stay clean.

Bacteria/mold resistant

Water drains well and dries quickly.
The low water absorption prevents bacteria and mold from growing, so it is also very hygienic.

Natural texture

It has just the right resilience, so its texture helps keep your knives sharp longer.

Excellent durability

It is scratch and wear resistant, and it does not deteriorate or deform when disinfected with boiling water.

High stability

It is stable and has a good weight, and the ingredients do not slip easily. You can lean it on any surface, this board will have excellent friction while remaining very stable and without moving.

Easy to use

It resists stains and odor transfer. I personally tested one of these boards for 3 weeks in a professional environment, cutting all types of food.

Results ? No blood or grease stains. Zero odors even after working with fish. Food does not slide, even if the board is wet. This makes it easier and safer to cut all types of food.

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