Japanese knives

Japanese craft knives

In Japanese culture, each knife is intended for a specific use. For this there are several types of blade with different shapes and sizes. We therefore advise you before acquiring a new knife to find out about the several types of blade and its use.

In our shop we offer you a wide choice of Japanese blades. From cutting vegetables, to working meat and fish, to multitasking blades. Having a super sharp blade is not enough to obtain clean and precise cuts, the choice of an adequate and well balanced blade will help you to refine your technique.

Types of knives

Each category has a technical sheet where we explain the characteristics and use of the blades to better guide you in your purchase. Nevertheless, we give you a short summary to help you refine your search.

Santoku and bunka. They are multitasking blades with a compact size and very manageable.
Deba is a traditional Japanese blade with a very specific geometry, for lifting fish and cutting poultry.
Gyuto is the equivalent of a chef’s knife, so a blade that can be used in many areas.
Kirituske hybrid between Usuba and Yanagiba. This traditional Japanese blade allows very precise work with meat, vegetables and fish.
Nakiri and Usuba. These are blades designed for cutting vegetables.
Petty  is the Japanese version of a paring knife, but with a much more versatile use thanks to its dimensions.
Sujihiki. A fine and long blade to be able to work meats and fish.
Yanagiba. A traditional Japanese blade used primarily for cutting raw protein.