At JoonetsuKnives you can find a large choice of handcrafted Japanese kitchen knives

Our products

Our work is based on fundamental principles: Culture, Craftsmanship, Exclusivity. We find the ancestral Japanese culture in the manufacture of unique pieces of cutlery, these pieces are handmade as well as our handles, which supports craftsmanship; as far as exclusivity is concerned, each handle is unique which gives you a unique knife.

Our philosophy

Jonetsu Knives was born with the desire to share the immense and undeniable talent of Japanese blacksmiths with all cooking professionals and amateurs. Despite the demand and popularity of Japanese handmade knives increasing exponentially; the number of blacksmiths, expert craftsmen in sharpening as well as the creation of handles, decreases each year.

Through my company I wish to contribute, even if modestly, to the preservation of ancient Japanese craftsmanship.

"Steel is alive, it can live and it can die, it all depends on the blacksmith."

Katsushige Anryu
Katsushige Anryu

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