Sukenari VG1 yanagiba 300mm EN


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Sukenari VG1 yanagiba 300mm

The Yanagiba is a traditional Japanese blade used primarily for cutting proteins such as fish and meat.

History and curiosity

Sukenari (佑成/すけなり) is a small artisan cutler based in the city of Toyoma in Japan. Founded in 1933 by Fijikichi Hanaki, Sukenari has become famous in Japan for its Honyaki forged knives, one of the most difficult forging techniques. Now in the hands of 3rd Generation Hanaki – Mr. Nobuo Hanaki, Sukenari continues to push the boundaries of kitchen knives while committing to the finest tradition of Japanese knife making. Today, Sukenari is known for her work with various super steels.

The blade

This blade is forged using a NI-Mai structure (2 layers), with a hard VG1 steel core and a stainless steel coating to bring flexibility and ductility to the blade.

The handle

Entirely handcrafted, the handle is made of a dyed and stabilized amboyna burl with a resin and copper spacer.

Technical sheet

Sukenari VG1 yanagiba 300mm

Brand: Sukenari

Blacksmith: Nobuo Hanaki

Steel: VG1

Hardness: 61 +- 1 HRC

Type: Yanagiba

Blade length: 29.5 cm

Heel height: 3.26 cm

Heel thickness: 3.7 mm

Thickness at the tip: 0.7 mm

Weight: 230g

Additional information

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