Hokiyama Aogami super petty 130mm EN


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Hokiyama Aogami super petty 130mm is the equivalent of a paring knife. Also known as a universal knife due to its versatility.

History and curiosity

Hokiyama Hamono is the main forge present in Kochi prefecture in Japan. Recently they celebrated their 100th anniversary. They brought forward all their technique and ancestral culture, while mixing them with new techniques and technology. In Japanese culture.

Hokiyama Aogami super petty 130mm is forged from Aogami Super steel. This steel with a very high carbon content, is the most efficient of Aogami steels. With a hardness of between 63-65 HRC this steel can be very finely honed, with extraordinary edge retention.

The blade has a tsuchime kurouchi finish (tsuchime=hammered; kurouchi=as forged).

The handle

The handle is handcrafted with stabilized and tinted elderberry burl.

Technical sheet

Blade length: 14.1 cm

Blade height: 2.8cm

 thickness at heel: 1.7 mm

thickness  at the tip: 0.7 mm

weight: 79 g

Additional information

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