Matsuo Yuji Shirogami usuba 150mm EN


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The usuba is a traditional Japanese blade, designed for cutting vegetables, just like the nakiri but with the difference that a usuba has a single bevel. So depending on its bevel, the use will be reserved either for left-handers or for right-handers.

History and curiosity

Musashi Hamono is a company that brings together several blacksmiths from different places such as Miki, Tosa, Sakai among others. Their goal is to highlight the incredible work of lesser known craftsmen.

Matsuo Yuji is a blacksmith based in Sakai City, he is renowned for his work and expertise in forging unique bevel knives.

Matsuo Yuji Shirogami usuba 150mm is forged from #2 Shirogami steel, one of the purest alloys used in knife making. The blade has a Migaki finish.

The handle

The handle is made with Cocobolo, an exotic wood from the rosewood species, boxelderburl ferrule and blackish burl bottom cap.

Technical sheet

Matsuo Yuji Shirogami usuba 150mm

Brand: Musashi Hamono

blacksmith: MATSUO YUJI

steel: Shirogami #2

finish: migaki

hardness: 62 HRC

blade length: 15.5cm

thickness at heel: 3.9 mm

thickness at the tip: 2.5 mm

blade height at the heel: 4.8 cm

wire thickness: -0.1 mm

weight: 183 g

Additional information

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