Hideo Kitaoka Shiro Damascus Usuba 165mm


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Hideo Kitaoka Shiro Damascus Usuba 165mm

The usuba is a type of traditional Japanese blade, a single bevel blade used for cutting vegetables.

History and curiosity

Born in 1950, knifemaker Hideo Kitaoka works in Takefu Village, Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. From an early age, Kitaoka began learning his craft from his father and now specializes in traditional single bevel knives.

True to tradition, Hideo Kitaoka forges its blades from high-carbon steel for optimum edge quality. Superior craftsmanship resonates throughout the body when using these knives, making you the envy of sushi chefs around the world.

The blade

Using a Ni-Mai (two-layer) structure, the blade features a shirogami steel core and a damask iron coating.

The handle

Made entirely by hand, it is made of yellow cedar burl, brass and resin.

Technical sheet

Blacksmith: Hideo Kitaoka

Steel: Shirogami with damask coating

Hardness: 62 HRC

Type: Usuba (asymmetric bevel)

Length: 16.7cm


Blade height:


Additional information

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