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Nakagawa Shirogami #1 Honesuki 150mm is the Japanese version of a boning knife. The Honesuki is primarily designed for working poultry, but it also excels for butchering and filleting fish.

History and curiosity

Nagakawa-san apprenticed with legendary master blacksmith Kenichi Shiraki who created the Shiraki Hamono brand, until becoming its leader when Shiraki-san retired. In 2005 Nakagawa-san changed the brand name to Nakagawa Hamono.

Nakagawa-san is today one of the renowned blacksmiths when it comes to high-end artisanal cutlery. He works with all types of steel, but where you can appreciate all his mastery of heat treatments is with Ginsan, Aogami #1 and Shirogami #1 steels.

This blade that we offer is forged in Shirogami #1 steel, Japanese white steel. This steel provides an extremely fine and sharp cutting edge. It offers us excellent end retention thanks to its hardness of 62-63 HRC and its ease of sharpening is remarkable.

The handle

The handle is handcrafted with stabilized and dyed black ash burl, Honduran rosewood and faux ivory ferrule.

Technical sheet


Brand: Nakagawa Hamono

Blacksmith: Satoshi Nakagawa

Steel: Shirogami #1

Finish: migaki

type: honesuki 150mm

Hardness: 62-63 HRC

Blade length: 14.5 cm

Blade height at heel: 4.06 cm

thickness at heel: 3.5 mm

thickness at the tip: 1.5 mm

Weight: 151 g

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