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Hatsukokoro Shinkiro AS gyuto 240mm is the Japanese equivalent of a chef’s knife, a blade that thanks to its characteristics lends itself to a very versatile use.

History and curiosity

Since its establishment in 2013, H&K Co. Ltd has sought out the best products Japan has to offer. In 2019, we developed our original brand “Hatsukokoro”. The word Hatsukokoro comes from the Japanese proverb “don’t forget your original intention”.

Due to the contracts stipulated between the brand and the blacksmiths, sometimes the identity of certain blacksmiths remains a mystery, which makes things a little more exciting.

The blade

Takahiro Nihei is another talented young blacksmith who studied in Sanjo under Yoshikane Hamono. All of his work on these blades is done in-house, from rolling the steel to sharpening the knives, his attention to detail is on full display. Takahiro san is also known for his incredible work with the famous Konosuke knife brand.

For Shinkiro knives, he uses Aogami Super steel for the edge which has been hand forged with an extremely beautiful damask coating combined with a beautiful kurouchi finish. Aogami Super steel is the favorite of many blacksmiths and users, on the one hand for being a relatively simple steel to forge and on the other hand, it results in a knife that is ultra easy to sharpen and becomes incredibly sharp.

The handle

Handcrafted, the handle is made of poplar burl with brass spacers and gold rush resin.

Technical sheet

Brand: Hatsukokoro

Blacksmith: Takahiro Nihei

Series: Shinkiro

Steel: Aogami super with damask steel coating

Hardness: 64-65 HRC

Type: gyuto 240mm

Blade length: 25.6cm

Blade height: 4.98 cm

Heel thickness: 3.9 mm

Thickness at the tip: 0.3 mm

Weight: 197 g

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