We offer a sharpening and repair service for your Japanese and western knives .

We do all the work exclusively by hand with Japanese whetstones, to reach a precise and meticulous result, in fonction of the needs of the blade.

You cans send us your knives, so we can take care of them. To know how to proceed you can contact us with this contact form, by mail at jonettsuknives@gmail.com or via Instagram @joonetsuknives .


Non Japanese knives
Small knife < 15 cm5€
Médium knife > 15 cm < 21 cm10€
Large knife > 21 cm15€

Japanese knives
Double bevel knives ( ex. santoku, nakiri, gyuto, sujihiki)1€ x CM (ex. blade 15cm = 15€)
Single bevel knives ( ex. deba, honesuki, yanagiba, usuba )1,5€ x CM (ex. blade 20cm = 30€)
Tip or chip repairs on double beveled knives (applicable also for non Japanese knives )from 10€ to 20€ depending on size damage
Tip or chip repairs on single beveled knivesfrom 20€ to 30€ depending on size damage
Thinning or geometry correction on double beveled knives3,5€ x CM (ex. blade 20cm = 70€)
Thinning or geometry correction on single beveled knives4,5€ x CM (ex. blade 20cm = 90€)
Polished finish with JNAT ( kasumi or mirror polish )kasumi = 30€. mirror polish = 40€
Révélation of Steel’s pattern (ex. layered steel or Damascus35€
Blade cleaning (ex. rust )15€