Wooden magnetic knife rack


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Properly and safely storing their knives is one of the priorities for anyone who likes to take care of their tools.
This magnetic knife holder is the perfect tool to use at work or at home to store your knives.

It can be used to store from 4 to 6 knives, depending on size.


Despite their strong presence on the market, magnetic supports in metal or with directly exposed magnets are not the most suitable for our knives. Metal can unfortunately rust and dull the steel of blades, and direct contact with magnets can magnetize the blade, with negative results when it comes to sharpening.
For this, our magnetic supports are entirely made of wood with magnets hidden inside. This piece is made of walnut wood and equipped with 6 very strong magnets to ensure a secure grip.

Technical sheet

Magnetic holder for knives:
– Wood species: walnut
– Length: 30.5cm
– Height: 6.5cm
– Thickness: 2cm

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