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If you want to be equiped to maintain your knife edge without spending a fortune, this is the tool for you. Suehiro double-sided stone 1000/3000 will allow you to do the necessary work thanks to its two different grains.


Today there is a huge variety of sharpening stones on the market. Sometimes it is therefore difficult to distinguish between good and bad quality.

The question that often comes up is therefore: which stone to choose for a good quality/price ratio?

This stone is made for one of the largest and most renowned whetstone manufacturers in Japan, Suehiro. For this, we are sure to acquire a quality product that will last over time, even if it is an entry-level stone.

If you are more experienced in sharpening with Japanese stones then we advise you to choose individual stones.

This stone therefore offers us the possibility of sharpening or recreating the edge of slightly dulled knives with the 1000 grain side and with the finer 3000 grain side we can polish and finish.

It is an ideal choice for anyone new to sharpening.

Technical sheet

Type: Japanese Water Stone

Use: needs to be submerged in water about ten minutes before use

Particle size: 1000/3000

Dimensions: 20.5cm x 6.5cm x 3.5cm

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