Shapton Hano-kuramaku (PRO) whetstone 1000 grit


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Shapton Pro: Japanese whetstones

With Shapton Pro stones you get the ultimate sharpness on your knives, razors and other tools. Ceramic sharpening stones are distinguished by their speed of sharpening. With their thickness of 15 mm they have a long lifespan.

Each stone is Splash & Go: , you just need to sprinkle them with a little water before you start using them. It is therefore unnecessary to immerse them completely before use.

Shapton Pro: Shapton’s Thickest Stones

These Japanese Shapton Pro sharpening stones are also well known in Japan as Ha-No-Kuromaku. These are Shapton’s thickest stones at 15mm thick. As always with Shapton each stone has a homogeneous structure, the ceramic abrasive particles are evenly distributed. This results in consistent sharpening.

Multifunctional storage box

Each Shapton Pro stone comes in a colored protective case to match the color of the stone. The stone fits precisely between the edges of the cover of the box, to use it as a support during sharpening, which mounts anti-slip feet. Finally, ventilation holes have been made on the underside to be able to store the stone without any worries. Even if the stone is not completely dry. Practical details that make all the difference.

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