Naniwa Gouken Kagayaki grit 5000


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Naniwa Gourent Kagayaki grit 5000

5000 grit stones are used to reduce the roughness on the cutting edge and therefore to finish the sharpening. If you have any doubts about which stone to choose, do not hesitate to read our article to better guide you.


Naniwa LTC is currently one of the largest Japanese water stone manufacturing companies. This brand offers us a very wide choice in range of stones.

The Gouken Kagayaki are slightly harder than “Gouken, Kurouto” and “super stone” which allows low wear with an optimal grain balance in order to have perfect sharpening with each Naniwa Kagayaki grain.

The Kagayaki stones are delivered with a box which will be used for storage but also for placing the stone during sharpening, the box is perforated on the bottom in order to dry the stone in this box, it is a very well designed product which perfectly meets the expectations of each user.

Technical sheet

Type: Japanese water stone

Use: the stone does not need to be submerged before use, simply moisten it.

Dimensions: 21 x 7 x 1 cm

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