Naniwa Chosera 3000 grit


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Naniwa Chosera 3000 grit

The 3000 grit stones are used to reduce the burr on the cutting edge and therefore to finish the sharpening. If you have any doubts about which stone to choose, do not hesitate to read our article to better guide you.


Naniwa LTC is currently one of the largest manufacturers of water stones in Japan. This brand offers us a very wide choice in the range of stones.

The Chosera range is a favorite of sharpening connoisseurs and professionals. Due to its hard ceramic structure, allows us to sharpen any cutlery steel and it will wear much slower.

CHOSERA is the professional range offered by Naniwa. It differs from the PROFESSIONAL range for having a base that will allow us to use the stone in a safe way, moreover it is equipped with a nagura stone.

The Nagura Stone

Nagura stone is used to dress the stone to keep the surface flat. However it is preferable to leave this task to stones specially designed for it.

The primary use of a Nagura stone is to help create a slurry on the surface of the stone, a good slurry is essential for effective sharpening.

Technical sheet

Type: Japanese Water Stone

Use: the stone does not need to be submerged before use, just moisten it. Then rub the nagura stone on the surface to create the mud helping you with the water to wait for the desired density.



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