Naniwa 220 Grit “dressing stone”


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We realized very well that to properly maintain a knife, you need sharpening stones. Just like knives, sharpening stones also need to be maintained. For this we recommend Naniwa 220 grit “dressing stone”.


The Naniwa 220 grit dressing stone is a stone used for the maintenance of whetstones.

With use, whetstones tend to form a concavity on the surface. This concavity prevents the correct use of the stone, because our sharpening angle will be distorted due to this concavity. Not maintaining your stones at the right time also reduces their useful life.

This stone is suitable for maintaining all stones with a grain size of 400 or finer.

How to use it

To flatten your stone simply wet your Naniwa 220 grit “dressing stone” and rub it over the surface of the stone you wish to flatten. We advise you to perform alternate movements back and forth, and circular movements.

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