Nakagawa Damascus B1 yanagiba 270mm EN


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Nakagawa Damascus B1 yanagiba 270mm

Yanagiba (meaning “willow blade” in Japanese) is the most popular knife for slicing raw fish and fillets.

History and curiosity

Nagakawa-san apprenticed with the legendary master blacksmith Kenichi Shiraki who created the Shiraki Hamono brand, until becoming its leader when Shiraki-san retired. In 2005 Nakagawa-san changed the brand name to Nakagawa Hamono.

The blade we offer you here is a yanagiba, a single-bevel blade, mainly intended for cutting fish and occasionally it can also be used for pieces of boneless meat.

Forged in Aogami #1 steel (Japanese blue steel) with a damask iron coating with a very subtle and elegant pattern.

Aogami #1 steel has a hardness of approximately 63 HRC which allows it to have an extremely sharp and polished edge, ideal for cutting raw proteins, and with remarkable edge retention.

The handle

The handle is handcrafted with a dyed and stabilized hybrid boxelder burl, silver nickel spacers.

Technical sheet

Brand: Hatsukokoro

Blacksmith: Satoshi Nakagawa

Steel: Aogami n.1

Finish: damascus

Hardness: 63 HRC

Blade length: 27.2 cm

Blade height at heel: 3 cm

thickness at the heel: 3.2 mm

thickness at tip: 1.2 mm

Weight: 193 gr

Additional information

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