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Nigara Kurouchi SG2 sujihiki 240mm is the Japanese version of a filleting or slicing knife.

History and curiosity

There is something that sets Nigara Hamono apart from other knife-making families in Japan. We could first point out that it is 350 years of history, starting with the making of swords for the Tsugaru clan at the beginning of the Edo period. The passing down of know-how and skills over eight generations has undoubtedly given Nigara knives their cultural DNA, but the long history is not unique to Nigara.

It could be said that having a legendary fifth-generation blacksmith – Japan’s national treasure Mr. Kunitoshi Nigara (二唐國俊) – gives the family brand an elevated status. The best way to understand why Nigara stands out in the eyes of the current (8th) generation blacksmith – Mr. Tsuyoshi Yoshizawa (吉澤剛). As he stands in the family business workshop, with his younger brother and two young artisans, feeling inspired to create the most remarkable knives in the world.

The Nigara family has expanded since the days of swordsmithing – into construction steelworks, steel beam technologies, as well as restorations of historic metal structures. In a word, Nigara is the steel guru.

Nigara Hamono has many ranges of very identifiable knives. From the swirling pattern of the Anmon Kurozome to the highly sought-after Troll Killers, this SG2 kurouchi tsuchime line is no different. What makes this line so recognizable in our opinion is the distinct excuse for abstraction, the lower half of a hexagonal hammer pattern (tsuchime) in the kurouchi (rough forge), but what makes it A solid choice of knife to buy is this powder steel known as SG2. Unrivaled sharpness in stainless steel.

The handle

Designed entirely by hand, the handle is made of dyed and stabilized boxelder burl, red jasper stone spacer and pearlescent resin ferrule.

Technical sheet

Brand: Nigara Hamono

Blacksmith: Tsuyoshi Yoshizawa

Series: Tsuchime kurouchi

Steel: SG2

Hardness: 63-64 HRC

Type: Sujihiki 240mm

Blade length: 23 cm

Heel height: 3.73 cm

Heel thickness: 2.1 mm

Thickness at the tip: 0.7 mm

Weight: 155 g

Additional information

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