Yu Kurosaki Senko Ei SG2 petty 130mm EN


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Yu Kurosaki Senko Ei SG2 petty 130mm is the Japanese equivalent of a paring knife. The petty is also known as a utility knife for its versatility.

History and curiosity

Yu Kurosaki Japanese knives are highly appreciated by connoisseurs and lovers of handcrafted knives. Kurosaki-san has a workshop in the heart of the Takefu Knife Village, a mecca for artisanal knife production. The area brings together a large number of artisan blacksmiths whose methods derive directly from ancestral know-how. Being gathered in the same place allows them to share their techniques, while preserving the Japanese heritage, which is also recognized internationally.

This craftsman has been working since the 2000s, and he was a student of renowned master blacksmiths. He is particularly recognized for the original work he does on his blades, whose hammerings are all more beautiful than the other.

This knife has a San Maï blade, that is to say that it is built from 3 layers of steel, this structure is typically Japanese. The blade consists of a core of SG2 steel, a “powder” steel from new metallurgical technology with a hardness of approximately 63-64 HRC and two layers of stainless steel on the sides.

The handle

The handle is handcrafted in stabilized and dyed black ash burl, resin and yellow cedar burl.

Technical sheet

Yu Kurosaki Senko Ei petty 130mm:

Brand: Kurosaki

Blacksmith: Yu Kurosaki

Steel: SG2

Finish: hammered polished

Hardness: 63-64 HRC

Length: 13.3 cm

Blade to heel height: 2.86 cm

Heel blade thickness: 1.7 mm

Blade thickness at the tip: 0.6 mm

Weight: 70g

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