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Kei Kobayashi SG2 petty 150mm is a type of blade also known as “universal knife”. Indeed with a petty we can peel vegetables, as with a paring knife. But also mince or chop fruit and vegetables or work on meat and fish.

History and curiosity

Kobayashi-san owns a sharpening business in Seki and has been sharpening knives for other blacksmiths for years. When Kei Kobayashi, the current president, took over, he decided that they should make their own brand of knives using the years of skills, techniques and knowledge they had accumulated. This is how Kobayashi knives were born. They are made of SG2 stainless steel.

These knives are super thin, making them the very definition of a razor sharp. This finesse allows them to easily slice through meat and vegetables as if the food wasn’t even there. This also makes them excellent for anyone who prefers a lighter, thinner knife.

This series of knives was made with one of my favorite types of steel, SG2. SG2 is a stainless steel powder resulting from new metallurgical technologies. Its hardness of approximately 64 HRC gives us an extremely durable edge and extraordinary cutting power.

The handle

The blade has a fairly sober finish, for this we chose a handle with bright colors, which balances the general beauty of the knife. The handle is made with a yellow cedar burl and copper spacers.

Technical sheet

Brand: Kobayashi

blacksmith: Kei Kobayashi

finish: migaki

steel: SG2

hardness: 64 HRC

blade length: 15.1cm

blade height: 2.92 cm

heel thickness: 1.3 mm

tip thickness: 0.1 mm

weight: 75 g

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