Tsukasa Shiro #1 Nakiri 180mm EN


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Tsukasa Shiro #1 Nakiri 180mm is a blade specially designed for cutting fruits and vegetables.

History and curiosity

Tsukasa Tokaji is an exceptionally skilled blacksmith from the Japanese city of Kōchi. He devoted himself to the art of knife making under the mentorship of famous blacksmith Tadayoshi Tokaji. Tsukasa makes its knives from Shirogami carbon steel and laminated with soft iron. This combination guarantees exceptional blade durability and strength.

The knife has a kurouchi finish, giving it a unique rustic look, each blade in the series is individually handcrafted. You may notice some minor imperfections or scratches. However, these are only signs of the hand-making process and do not affect the overall quality of the knife.

The blade

The Nakiri is inspired by the traditional Usuba blade. Both designed for cutting fruits and vegetables, but with a difference in geometry. The Usuba has an asymmetrical geometry and the Nakiri has a symmetrical one.

Shirogami #1 is a traditional high carbon steel. Due to its carbon content, it can achieve a hardness greater than 62 HRC, meaning blades forged from it will have excellent edge retention. It is renowned for its exceptional sharpness, durability and ability to hold a live wire.

The handle

Made entirely by hand, the handle is made from a single piece of pearly bordeaux resin.

Technical sheet

Blacksmith: Tsukasa Tokaji

Steel: Shirogami #1 with soft iron coating

Finish: Kurouchi

Hardness: 62 HRC

Length: 17.2cm

Heel thickness: 3.2 mm

Thickness at the tip: 1.7 mm

Blade height: 5 cm

Weight: 176 gr

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