Shigeki Tanaka Damascus Aogami nakiri EN


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Shigeki Tanaka Damascus Aogami nakiri

The nakiri is a typical Japanese blade used for cutting vegetables.

History and curiosity

Shigeki Tanaka is the fourth generation blacksmith. After his great-grandfather, Mr. Gentaro, started making sickles in the Meiji period, the men in the family specialized in traditional sickles.

Mr. Tanaka was trained in the city of Takefu to become a blacksmith. After three years of training, he joined the family factory in Miki City in 1999 and began manufacturing kitchen knives.

A few years ago, after the death of his father, Tanaka took over and now the company only focuses on high quality kitchen knives. He has four people working with him at the factory and all the knives are handmade. Due to his excellent skills, Shigeki Tanaka is one of the most recognizable blacksmiths in Miki Town.

The blade

Having a san-mai structure, this blade is forged with an Aogami #2 steel core and a soft damask iron cover.

The handle

Made entirely by hand, the handle is made of stabilized and dyed maple burl, mammoth molar spacer, marbled buffalo horn ends.

Technical sheet

Blacksmith: Shigeki Tanaka

Finish: Damascus Steel

Steel: Aogami #2

Hardness: 62 +- 1 HRC

Type: nakiri

Blade length: 17 cm

Heel Thickness: 2.6 mm

Blade height: 4.95 cm

Weight: 169 cm

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