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Hinokuni Shirogami nakiri 210mm is a blade with a traditional Japanese design, this blade is intended for cutting vegetables.

History and curiosity

Hinokuni-san is a 32-year-old blacksmith who apprenticed with Nishida-san, a well-known blacksmith of the last decade. A few years ago, he decided to forge his own blades. Today his creations are beginning to be sold for a large number of shops specializing in Japanese cutlery. Shirogami steel is Hinokuni-san’s favorite steel. It is a steel with a very pure alloy, composed only of iron and carbon. Often used in the creation of honyaki knives. This steel, so well exploited, with the right heat treatment can achieve a wire of incredible finesse, with remarkable ease of sharpening.

There is a good chance that his knives may soon increase in price, due to the popularity that the smith is acquiring. So if you have the opportunity, do not miss your chance.

The handle

The handle that comes with this blade is made of yellow cedar burl, brass spacer and black ash burl.

Technical sheet

blacksmith: Hinokuni

finish: kuruchi (forged finish)

steel: Shirogami #1

hardness: 62-63 HRC

type: nakiri

length: 20.8cm

thickness at heel: 2.9 mm

thickness at the tip: 1.8 mm

blade height: 5.31 cm

weight: 250 g

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