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Hatsukokoro Ginyo damascus nakiri is a typical Japanese blade. Despite its shape resembling a chopper, the nakiri is an extremely thin blade used for cutting vegetables.

History and curiosity

Since its establishment in 2013, H&K Co. Ltd has sought out the best products Japan has to offer. In 2019, we developed our original brand “Hatsukokoro”. The word Hatsukokoro comes from the Japanese proverb “don’t forget your original intention”.

Due to the contracts stipulated between the brand and the blacksmiths, sometimes the identity of certain blacksmiths remains a mystery, which makes things a little more exciting.

Yoshihiro Yauji is a highly skilled blacksmith and the mastermind behind this series of Ginyo knives, made from Ginsan tsuchime Damascus steel. That’s a lot to unpack, we know! Ginsan (or Silver Steel #3) is a stainless steel that has a high carbon content and the cutting feel is equal to a carbon steel (oxidizable) knife, without the hassle of extra maintenance. These knives really have not only beautiful finishes and patterns, but great attention to detail.

The handle

Handcrafted, the handle is made of black ash burl, spacers in resin and rosewood from Honduras, ferrule and bottom cap in bog oak (exemplary about 5000 years old).

Technical sheet

Brand: Hatsukokoro

Blacksmith: Yoshihiro Yauji

Series: Ginyo

Steel: Ginsan with damask steel coating

Hardness: 62-63 HRC

Type: nakiri

Blade length: 17cm

Blade height: 5.02 cm

Heel thickness: 2.5 mm

Thickness at the tip: 1 mm

Weight: 150g

Additional information

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