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Tsunehisa Nami kiritsuke 210mm is a hybrid blade that gives us great versatility when using it. In Japan according to their culture, only chefs can benefit from the use of this blade. It is prohibited for clerks and apprentices.

History and curiosity

Tsunehisa is a brand, like many others in Japan, which takes care of marketing the proven creations of several blacksmiths, based in different cities, such as Sakai, Tosa or Seki for example.

Each city has its own style in the creation of kitchen knives, and also specializes in the use of certain steels, more than others.

For example, Tosa craftsmen are recognized for having an excellent mastery in the forging of Ginsan and AUS10 steels. At Seki are highly recognized for the incredible work done on VG10 steel blades. And Sakai for specializing in single bevel blade forging.

This blade that we are offering you today is part of the “Nami” series, with a unique damascus pattern.

The core is made of AUS10 steel, a steel resistant to oxidation, with performances very similar to the much better known VG10 steel. So we find there a very good retention of the wire, ability to obtain an excellent cutting edge and a certain ease of sharpening.

The handle

This blade mounts a handle handcrafted by us with a dyed and stabilized poplar fork, brass spacers and resin ferrule.

Technical sheet

Brand: Tsunehisa

series: tsuchime damascus

steel: AUS10

hardness: 61 HRC

finish: polished and hammered damascus steel

blade length: 21.3cm

blade height: 4.58 cm

thickness at heel: 1.6 mm

thickness at the tip: 0.6 mm

weight: 138 g

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