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Musashi AS kiritsuke 210mm traditionally born as an hybrid blade between Usuba and Yanagiba. Its shape makes its use extremely versatile. You can chop herbs, mince vegetables and at the same time cut fish and meat. All this without the need to change the knife.

History and curiosity

Musashi Hamono is a company that brings together several blacksmiths from different places such as Miki, Tosa, Sakai among others. Their goal is to highlight the incredible work of lesser known craftsmen.

In Japanese culture, the use of kiritsuke is reserved for chefs.

This blade is forged from super Aogami steel, with a remarkable hardness of 63-64 HRC. The blade has a kurouchi (as-forged) finish.

The handle

The handle was made with a stabilized and dyed boxelder burl, brass and resin spacers.

Technical sheet

Here is more detailed information of the Musashi AS kiritsuke 210mm:

Brand: Musashi Hamono

steel: Aogami super with soft iron cladding

finish: kurouchi

hardness: 63-64 HRC

blade length: 20.9 cm

blade height at the heel: 4.8 cm

thickness at heel: 3.1 mm

thickness at the tip: 1 mm

weight: 176 g

Additional information

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