Matsuo Yuji Shirogami mukimono 180mm custom EN


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Matsuo Yuji Shirogami mukimono 180mm custom

The Mukimono is a traditional Japanese blade, usually with a fairly compact size. This blade is intended for multitasking use, you can both mince and chop vegetables, cut pieces of meat or even lift small fish.

History and curiosity

Musashi Hamono is a company that brings together several blacksmiths from different places such as Miki, Tosa, Sakai among others. Their goal is to highlight the incredible work of lesser known craftsmen.
Matsuo Yuji is a blacksmith based in Sakai City. He is recognized for his work and his expertise in the forging of single beveled knives.

The word “mukimono” literally refers to the Japanese art of carving figures into fruits and vegetables. This blade takes this name for its maneuverability and precision when cutting food. Matsuo Yuji Shirogami mukimono 180mm custom is forged from Shirogami #2 steel, one of the purest alloys used in knife making. This alloy consists only of iron and carbon. The blade has a Migaki finish and the blade grind is single bevel. In this case therefore, use is reserved for right-handers.

The handle

We chose a rather unique handle for this blade. We used a material called Juma with a scaled effect, reminiscent of the skin of a snake, with a nickel silver and resin spacer.

Technical sheet

Here are more details about the Matsuo Yuji Shirogami mukimono 180mm custom:

Brand: Musashi Hamono

Blacksmith: MATSUO YUJI

Steel: Shirogami #2

Finish: migaki

Hardness: 62 HRC

Blade length: 17.3cm

blade height at heel: 3.8 cm

thickness at heel: 3.2 mm

thickness at the tip: 1 mm

Weight: 173 g

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