Yoshimi Kato Nickel damascus vg10 gyuto 210mm EN


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Yoshimi Kato Nickel damascus vg10 gyuto 210mm is the must-have knife in every cook’s bag. This blade is the equivalent of a western chef’s knife. So a very versatile blade, which lends itself to many uses in the kitchen.

History and curiosity

In the last decade Yoshimi Kato has become a world famous blacksmith, thanks to his mastery and expertise in the forging of exceptional kitchen knives. He learned from his father-in-law Hiroshi Kato, one of the pillars of Japanese cutlery. In 2017 he took over the family business when his father retired. Kato-san creates his blades in the knife village of Takefu in Fukui Prefecture.

This blade is part of the forged Nickel Damascus series with a vg10 steel core. So this blade is fully resistant to oxidation. Thanks to the heat treatment carried out by Kato-san, its vg10 steel reaches a hardness of 61-62 HRC, which offers very good edge retention and ease of sharpening. Its Nickel Damascus pattern is not only an aesthetic asset, but also reduces the possibility of food sticking to the blade during use.

The handle

The handle is handcrafted with stabilized Tasmanian black wood, with a pearlescent resin spacer.

Technical sheet

Find here the details for Yoshimi Kato Nickel damascus gyuto 210mm:

Blacksmith: Yoshimi Kato

series: nickel Damascus

steel: vg10 (resistant to oxidation)

type: gyuto 210mm

length: 21.6cm

blade thickness at heel: 1.9 mm

blade thickness at the tip: 0.7 mm

height: 4.6cm

weight: 154 g

Additional information

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