Nakagawa x Myojin Kurozome Damascus gyuto 240mm EN


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Nakagawa x Myojin Kurozome Damascus gyuto 240mm

The gyuto is now known as the Japanese equivalent of a chef’s knife. This blade will amaze you from all points of view: finish, performance, geometry. Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail.

History and curiosity

Nagakawa-san apprenticed with legendary master blacksmith Kenichi Shiraki who created the Shiraki Hamono brand, until becoming its leader when Shiraki-san retired. In 2005 Nakagawa-san changed the brand name to Nakagawa Hamono.

Nakagawa-san is today one of the renowned blacksmiths when it comes to high-end artisanal cutlery. He works with all types of steel, but where you can appreciate all his mastery of heat treatments is with Ginsan, Aogami #1 and Shirogami #1 steels.

Forged from Aogami #1 steel with a soft damask iron coating, giving us a hardness of approximately 63 HRC. In addition, the part concerning the sharpening and finishing of the blade has been entrusted to Naohito Myojin, one of the most recognized master sharpeners of the moment. Which sublimate the work of the blacksmith with a breathtaking blade geometry and a polishing entirely with natural stone.

The handle

Handcrafted in chittum burl, triple brass spacer and blond buffalo horn ferrule.

Technical sheet

Brand: Nakagawa Hamono

Blacksmith: Satoshi Nakagawa

Steel: Aogami #1 with soft damask iron coating

Finish: Kurozome

type: gyuto 240mm

Hardness: 63 HRC

Blade length: 23 cm

Blade height at heel: 4.91 cm

thickness at heel: 2.5 mm

thickness at the tip: 0.3 mm

Weight: 126 g

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