Takeshi Saji SG2 Black Damascus santoku 180mm EN


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Takeshi Saji SG2 Black Damascus santoku 180mm is a multitasking blade. It boasts a compact and very handy blade, ideal for processing meat, vegetables and fish.

History and curiosity

Takeshi Saji is one of the pillars of Japanese cutlery, with his 83 years including 56 years of experience in forging, he is a pioneer in the creation of extraordinary Damascus steel patterns. He has announced his retirement, so his creations will be increasingly difficult to find.

Saji-san with other pillars like Katsushige Anryu, Hiroshi Kato among others, in the year 2000 created the village of the knife of Takefu (Takefu Knife Village). Its aim was to bring together the blacksmiths of the area so that they could work together and share their knowledge, and also to inspire new generations to continue this tradition.

Today many world famous blacksmiths work side by side in the village of Takefu. For example Yu Kurosaki, Yoshimi Kato, Takumi Ikeda and even Takeshi Saji among others.

This blade is part of the Black Damascus series which takes its name from Dark Damascus. This effect is due to the mixture of mild steel and nickel steel, at the time of the revelation of the Damascus pattern, the nickel steel remains shiny while the mild steel blackens. The core of the blade is made of SG2 steel, a powder steel with incredible mechanical properties and a hardness of 63-64 HRC (Hardness Rockwell “C”).

The handle

Custom handle made by us with a beautiful stabilized black ash burl, copper spacer and resin bolster.

Technical sheet

Here is more detailed information for the Takeshi Saji SG2 Black Damascus santoku 180mm:

Blacksmith: Takeshi Saji

series: Black Damascus

steel: SG2 (stainless steel)

type: santoku 180mm

length: 18.4cm

blade thickness at heel: 2.4 mm

thickness of the blade at the tip: 06 mm

blade height: 5.1 cm

weight: 150 g

Additional information

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