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Munetoshi shirogami bunka 165mm is a multitasking blade, just like the traditional santoku. The bunka has a beveled tip to facilitate tasks that require more precision.

History and curiosity

Munetoshi knives are entirely forged by Kouiti Turumaki, a 3rd generation blacksmith.

Today with 71 years and 56 years of experience in the forge, Turumaki-san himself performs all the steps to make his knives (the forge, the creation of the geometry and the sharpening, the finish and even the handle).

Turumaki-san specializes in the use of shirogami steel, he laminates the steel himself for the creation of his blades, which are all water quenched. This allows the steel to reach an incredible hardness, several users have claimed that the performance of their knives is almost equal to smiths of the caliber e Shigefusa and Kato.

Its blades have a fairly rustic finish but which inevitably retains its charm, Turumaki prefers to focus its efforts on having blades with remarkable performance, leaving the aesthetic side in the background.

The handle

This knife is offered with its basic Japanese-made handle in burnt chestnut wood with a D-shape, to offer you the possibility of buying a quality artisanal blade at a reduced price. If you wish, it can be replaced by a personalized handle, contact us to find out more.

Technical sheet

Brand: Munetoshi

blacksmith: Kouiti Turumaki

finish: kurouchi (rough forge)

steel: Shirogami #2

hardness: 61-62 HRC

type: 16.5cm bunka

length: 17cm

blade thickness at heel: 3 mm

blade thickness at the tip: 1 mm

height: 4.9 cm

weight: 146 g

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