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Muneishi aogami santoku 170mm is one of the ultimate multitasking blades. The santoku is in fact called the knife of the three virtues thanks to its versatility.

History and curiosity

Muneishi-hamono was founded in 1955, Mr. Hirotaka Muneishi, the second generation blacksmith, makes forest knives such as axes and machetes, and Mr. Kosuke Muneishi, the third generation blacksmith, forges kitchen knives. Kosuke Muneishi does all the steps himself: quenching, forging, hammering and cutting the knives.

This blade was therefore made with an Aogami #2 steel core, a steel with a hardness of approximately 62-63 HRC. The core has a stainless steel cladding with a kurouchi finish to make it easier to maintain.

The handle

The handle was made with a product of our creation, hybrid banksia pods with resin and spacers in turquoise stone and brass.

Technical sheet

Brand: Muneishi

blacksmith: Kosuke Muneishi

steel: aogami #2 with stainless cladding

finish: kurouchi (raw forging)

hardness: 62-63 HRC

blade length: 16.9cm

blade height: 4.61 cm

thickness at heel: 3.4 mm

thickness of the blade at the tip: 1 mm

weight: 150 g

Additional information

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