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Masakage Koishi AS santoku 170mm is a multitasking blade. The santoku is very appreciated for its compact size and its geometry which allow to carry out the majority of the tasks in the kitchen.

History and curiosity

The Masakage brand was created by the famous master sharpener Takayuki Shibata. The latter takes care of the finishing and sharpening of each of the blades of his brand. Masakage has several ranges of knives, each one of them is forged by a different blacksmith. The brand was created to highlight the know-how of the blacksmiths of the city of Echizen.

The Koishi range is forged by well-known master blacksmith Yoshimi Kato. This series takes the name of Koishi (pebbles), which associated with the finish kurouchi (rough forge) and tsuchime (hammered) gives the impression of river pebbles.

Koishi range knives are forged with a super Aogami steel core. A super easy to sharpen steel that gets a razor sharp edge, it cuts like silk and it’s very tough for its hardness. It’s called SUPER for a reason. The outer layer is made of stainless steel, which makes this knife very easy to maintain.

The handle

Made entirely by hand, the handle is made of amboyna burl, brass spacers and gold rush resin, fake bone ferrule.

Technical sheet

Brand: Masakage

Blacksmith: Yoshimi Kato

Series: Koishi

Type: 170mm santoku

Steel: Aogami super with stainless coating

Hardness: 64-65 HRC

Blade length: 17.2 cm

Heel height: 4.58 cm

Heel thickness: 2.5 mm

Thickness at the tip: 0.4 mm

Weight: 132 g

Additional information

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