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Kyohei Shindo aogami santoku 165mm is a multi-tasking knife that can be used for many uses in the kitchen. Dice vegetables with meat to finish with the fish. Due to its mastery in forging, these blades offer us a clean and precise cut.

History and curiosity

The young blacksmith who made this knife is called Kyohei Shindo and he is based in the city of Tosa in Japan. This craftsman is beginning to establish himself on the important Japanese cutlery market thanks to his expertise and attention to detail in the creation of his blades. Many believe that soon his name will be known worldwide.

The word santoku in Japanese 三徳包丁 means “three virtues” which refers to meat, vegetables and fish, three foods that can be perfectly worked with this knife thanks to its versatility. This knife is forged from Aogami #2 steel, with a hardness of 62-63 HRC and a soft iron coating, with a beautiful kurouchi finish also known as brut de forge.

The handle

Handcrafted, the handle is made of “gold rush” resin with brass and blond buffalo horn spacers.

Technical sheet

Kyohei Shindo aogami santoku 165mm:

Blacksmith: Kyohei Shindo

Steel: aogami #2 with soft iron coating

Finish: kurouchi (rough forging)

Hardness 62-63 HRC

Blade length: 17.4cm

Blade height. 4.6cm

Blade thickness at heel: 3.6 mm

Blade thickness at the tip: 0.4 mm

Weight: 121 g

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