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Hatsukokoro monosteel VG10 bunka is a compact and versatile blade, it can be used to work meat, fish and vegetables.

History and curiosity

Since its establishment in 2013, H&K Co. Ltd has sought out the best products Japan has to offer. In 2019, we developed our original brand “Hatsukokoro”. The word Hatsukokoro comes from the Japanese proverb “don’t forget your original intention”.

Due to the contracts stipulated between the brand and the blacksmiths, sometimes the identity of certain blacksmiths remains a mystery, which makes things a little more exciting.

This series is designed entirely in VG10 steel, one of the best-known Japanese steels used in cutlery. This steel offers us resistance to oxidation, simple and easy maintenance when sharpening.

The handle

Handcrafted, the handle is made of boxelder burl with maple burl ferrule.

Technical sheet

Brand: Hatsukokoro

Steel: VG10

Hardness: 61 +-1 HRC

Type: bunka 170mm

Blade length: 16.7 cm

Blade height: 4.82 cm

Heel thickness: 2.9 mm

Thickness at the tip: 0.7 mm

Weight: 164g

Additional information

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