Hatsukokoro Komorebi Damascus bunka 180mm EN


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Hatsukokoro Komorebi Damascus bunka 180mm is a versatile blade, just like the santoku. The bevel point is an asset to the bunka because it allows delicate tasks to be performed with greater precision.

History and curiosity

Since its establishment in 2013, H&K Co. Ltd has sought out the best products Japan has to offer. In 2019, we developed our original brand “Hatsukokoro”. The word Hatsukokoro comes from the Japanese proverb “don’t forget your original intention”.

Due to the contracts stipulated between the brand and the blacksmiths, sometimes the identity of certain blacksmiths remains a mystery, which makes things a little more exciting.

Hatsukokoro’s Aogami #1 Damascus Komorebi series of Japanese knives stand out for two reasons.

First, the finishing of the knives is executed by hand on natural stone which gives a superb contrast between the layers. The Japanese name Komorebi, has no exact translation and refers to the sunlight that filters through the leaves of a forest.

Secondly, the Komorebi series which is manufactured in Sakai is distinguished by the non-traditional choice of blade profile. Because, the blades of the series are not made following the usual blade profile of Sakai, but much more the way the blades are made in Sanjo.

The handle

Handmade, this sober handle is made of wild mango wood with blond buffalo horn ferrule.

Technical sheet

Brand: Hatsukokoro

Blacksmith: it’s a mystery

Series: komorebi

Steel: Aogami#1 with soft damask iron coating

Hardness: 63 +-1 HRC

Type: bunka 180mm

Blade length: 18.5cm

Blade height: 4.88 cm

Heel thickness: 3.2 mm

Thickness at the tip: 0.4 mm

Weight: 148 g

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