Stabilized birch wood handle


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Stabilized birch wood handle is handcrafted following the high-end Japanese handle style.


According to Japanese culture, the handle is considered a consumable, so it can be replaced. Due to this, manufacturers  don’t give much importance to the handle. Particularly for this we find blades which are true masterpieces associated with a low quality handle.

I think that nothing beats a pretty handle made with top quality materials, to enhance and accompany a Japanese blade.

My handles are made with a mainly octagonal shape, a shape used to distinguish the high-end handle in Japan. We like this shape because it enhances the beauty of the materials used and is also very ergonomic and comfortable to use. Other shapes are possible to order.


The handle is made from stabilized and dyed birch wood, with red and black resin spacer.

Technical sheet

Ideal for blades measuring between 18 and 24 cm

Size: 13.5cm

Shape: octagonal

Weight: 40 gr

Additional information

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